Weathered Adirondack Chairs

When it comes to distressed furniture finish, nobody does it better than Old Barn Rustic Co. The the tone rustic finish is unmatched by competitors since it takes an incredible amount of hands on work to accomplish (something machines have yet to duplicate).  The weathered look for outdoor chairs has become more and more popular.  Used for cabins, resorts as well as homes this trending style is a reminder of a slower paced life. A life where you can’t walk out the back door without stumbling into a creek, and a life where mountains are climbing all around you wherever you go.

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Life At The Old Barn

Here at the Old Barn, we make a lot of cool stuff.  Imagine the fun you could have degrading your property value by adding an Adirondack furniture collection that looks like some hapless bum made it from road junk in 1943.  Kidding, if you love rust you’ll love what we have to offer.  Chairs, benches, swings and more available in our unmistakable and unmatched bold rustic finish.